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Weekly Whinge: But Is There Going To Be A One Tree Hill Reunion?

7) Tank vs Denver¬† Okay I realise I’m a good three years late to the party on this one but this week this video appeared on my Facebook newsfeed and … Continue reading

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Intern Magazine: Behind The Scenes at FHM

If you follow me on Twitter you may already know that I’ve recently had a two week internship with FHM! Well, because I had such a fan-fucking-tastic time I thought … Continue reading

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Weekly Whinge: How Did It Come To This? Jason Orange Has Left Take That!

7) Budweiser’s latest advert WILL make you feel ALL the emotions And I never normally feel any emotion. 6) I’m guessing she was the triple breasted woman Busted were singing … Continue reading

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A Touch Of Magic?

The best thing since the invention of the rubber duck may have just happened!¬† In order to ensure the magic of Harry Potter never dies Bloomsbury have teamed up with … Continue reading

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Weekly Whinge: The Little Rascal’s Have Turned Twenty And Now I Feel Old.

I know these posts were designed to make me blog more and I know that lately I’ve not really done at a lot of that (awkward) but between graduating and … Continue reading

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FHM: 5 Incredible Games That Are More Cinematic Than Actual Films

With the line between video games and narratives worthy of the big screen increasingly being blurred we decided to take a look at five of the best games out there … Continue reading

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Flex: First Year Is Wasted On Freshers

I wrote this piece for Flex magazine. If you happen to be in Falmouth this September then make sure you pick up a copy! Chances are if you’re reading this … Continue reading

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