Frederica Palmer

London based freelance writer for hire. Produced words for the likes of FHM/The Debrief/Heat/GoThinkBig.

The Debrief: Things You Only Know If You Impersonate Elsa For A Living

A recent survey revealed that one in five British girls say their dream job is to be Elsa from Frozen. Not the most realistic goal we admit, but we aren’t … Continue reading

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The Debrief: We Spoke To One Of The Girls On Take Me Out To Find Out What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes

  The start of a New Year is always pretty crap. Our bank balances have gone down on us faster than any man ever will, it’s bloody freezing outside and … Continue reading

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The Debrief: How To Furnish Your Whole Entire House For £50

After three months of painfully looking for our dream house, my flatmates and I have finally found one. It has four spacious double bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and dining … Continue reading

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Here’s What It’d Be Like If England Had Sororities

This week an anonymous source sent Jezebel an email from a member of the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority at the University of Southern California telling her fellow sisters how to … Continue reading

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What It’s Like To Watch Frozen For The First Time

When Frozen first came out back in November 2013 I avoided it like the plague. Mainly because I’m not a massive Disney fan and I already hated that bloody ‘Let … Continue reading

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Broadchurch Is Back, Bitches!

If you aren’t one of the seven million people who tuned in to the BAFTA award winning ITV drama, Broadchurch, when it first premiered back in March last year then … Continue reading

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FHM: How Will TV Funny Man Jon Richardson Fare Against The Legendary FHM Bloke Test?

From explaining to his GP about an unfortunate (hypothetical) twerking incident to shaving off his rabbit tail, we learnt quite a lot about professional funnyman Jon Richardson during his attempt … Continue reading

December 18, 2014 · Leave a comment

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